Let’s start with something of a disclaimer.  My name is David Terrell.  I write this blog.  No one else writes for it, and importantly, no one edits it.  Every journalist needs an editor, but I don’t have one.  What that means is that mistakes will creep into this copy more frequently than they would if I had someone checking my work.  Everyone makes mistakes, and every journal publishes them.  Publishing without editing is dangerous, perhaps to the point of foolishness.  The one saving grace is that in this medium, mistakes can be corrected quickly.  I promise to make the corrections as quickly as they can be discovered.

Practically everybody in America who is politically active believes the country needs to change rather dramatically.  The problem is, about half are persuaded we need to lurch hard to the right, the other half just as adamant that we need to swerve hard to the left.  My own bent is with the latter group.  I do not, however, assume that someone on the other side is stupid.  Stupidity, corruption, bigotry and hatred are nonpartisan and fairly evenly distributed.  There is room — a crying need, in fact — for dialogue with respect and affection for fellow Americans, whatever their beliefs.

My tongue and pen may be sharp, but I do not intend to disrespect the opposition.  I intend to listen to them, however difficult that may become at times.  If you want to join in a civil discussion, I invite and welcome your contributions.

Just a bit about me:  I’m retired from the federal government, but my first and only true professional love was my work as a political journalist.  I also spent a little time in Washington, mostly writing speeches on the Democratic side in the Senate.

So there.

David W. Terrell